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Jacob Christopher Dozier, the youngest of his siblings, always aspired to be someone different that could reach unimaginable heights. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jacob was surrounded by a historical musical presence. Listening to his fathers Tony Bennet and Nat King Cole records, and jamming out to his mothers Tower of Power tapes made him appreciate the sound waves redirecting inside of his house. He would eventually find his own rhythm on his grandmothers Grand Piano, figuring together heavy keys and pedals, he would realize that his goals weren't so far fetched. 

Jacob first started experiencing Music through a live perspective, when his parents decided to drive all the way to the state of Washington to listen and dance to Dave Mathews Band as the sun set. This would be the beginning of a musical ride of a lifetime, experiencing Los Lobos in the Portland rain, yelling to the bass and vocals of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Napa, and bouncing to the beat of Ice Cube at Coachella. Jacob was hooked, and continued to listen to his parents records as new artist and music popped up. Jacob soon started collecting his favorites and wanted to know how they all became what he aspired too, he needed to find a way to the stage. 

Jacob started creating Music by learning how to use Audio Software through College. He began to take more classes on Music and focus his degree on Audio Engineering. With enough experience and money, Jacob set out to find a market unlike the Bay Area. Jacob set his sights on Charleston, South Carolina and drove all the way through the Southern Part of the United States.


In a city with hospitality, and a growing night life Jacob knew he was in the right place to become a leader. Jacob aspires to be the  best and provide the very best service to his clients. Whether his clients want to waltz away to 50's big band swing or soul train to the beat of Uptown Funk, Jacob always makes sure his clients get their wishes.  As Jacob always says "music has the ability to unite the world together, and bring energy to the heart and soul." 

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